High school entrepreneurship pioneers of the greater Famagusta area: showing Cyprus how it’s done!



When you think of the greater Famagusta area- places like the walled city of Famagusta or Deryneia, Frenaros or Vryssoules, entrepreneurship is not the first thing that comes to your mind. Yet, in the last two years, Renewal with its partner-in-crime, the Cypriot Enterprise link, have been holding workshops in the area, culminating in November 2015 with two workshops for young people, a boot camp-style immersion in entrepreneurship.

The first workshop took place over Nov. 7th and 8th in Famagusta and Deryneia with over 20 high school students, aged 16 to 18. What we wished and anticipated was what we saw: the level of engagement and the ideas that came out of the workshop were incredible. The young entrepreneurs opened their creative chakras, and the ideas came flowing out.

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[Hands-on] Famagusta in the mind’s eye: Digital possibilities for a common tomorrow


They say the most intense experiences are the ones you have inside you head, with the use of your imagination. There is no greater force, and nothing as creative as that undefined and borderless space, that is the human mind. The colors are brighter, the sounds are sweeter, the tastes are insurmountable.

The perspective of your mind’s eye is simply phenomenal.

The Hands-on Famagusta team comprises of individuals who you might expect would object strongly to the use of this “mind’s eye” business. They are architects and urban planners, they work with materials and shapes, dimensions and spaces. They plan, measure, calculate and analyze. It’s clear, however, early on in conversations with Ersa, Socrates, Munevver, Chrysanthe and Emre, that they are very much aware of the power of the imagination.

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By the grace of the Pope, the Mufti, wheat and oranges: A short history of the Sts. Peter and Paul—Sinan Paşa Mosque in Famagusta


In the middle of the majestic medieval city of Famagusta, Sts. Peter and Paul—Sinan Paşa Mosque stands as a monument to glories passed. After its restoration about 5 years ago, it is part of the new life of the city, a space rich in its past use, and with great promise as to its contribution in the future. As we prepare to become part of that new life, by holding three @Renewal events there in the month of November, we look back on its history and its varied, sometimes even surprising, uses. But they only testify that buildings (as languages and traditions) are constantly evolving, changing in strange, wondrous and highly unpredictable ways.

We take a short look back, so we can be more informed of our look forward:

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FA/DE – Famagusta/Deryneia mural art project


October 19-31 | Deryneia / Famagusta | Walls & Renewal

Final event: October 31 – Famagusta walled city

The project

FA/DE – Famagusta/Deryneia mural art project is an artistic project conceived by WALLS, a Rome-based cultural organization, and Renewal, a UNDP-ACT project working for the development of the greater Famagusta region, in Cyprus.

After reviving the public spaces in Roman neighbourhoods and working on contemporary public art projects for years, the creative team of Walls was invited to Cyprus and the greater Famagusta region by Renewal. The Renewal project focuses on developing the economic and social potential of the greater Famagusta region (including Famagusta Walled City and Deryneia), striving to support the improvement of the climate for reconciliation in the island.

This encounter led to the organization of a mural art project in the greater Famagusta region that involves two communities, Famagusta and Deryneia, two symbolic cities, only a few kilometres apart, whose people have been divided for decades.

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